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We look at things differently

We look at things differently


Keep up-to-date with the latest CFC press releases, product launches, new hires, marketing promotions, event information and much more by viewing the stories below. These are taken directly from our various company blogs.

31st August 2017/ IP NEWS

Patent infringement defence cover for Technology and Life Science companies

We have been offering stand-alone IP cover, including for patents, for several years. However, many CFC customers across our US and UK product lines ...

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30th June 2017/ IP NEWS

Quirky IP news galore

It has been a month of strange trademark news. A local UK convenience store hit the headlines after the owner was threatened with legal action by Sai...

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26th June 2017/ IP NEWS

How IP got popular

Regardless of how well-versed you are in matters of intellectual property, you may be surprised to hear that its history may have been very different...

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7th June 2017/ IP NEWS

Forum shopping – USA legal update

Last month (22nd May 2017), the US Supreme Court delivered a significant ruling in its verdict on TC Heartland LLC v Kraft Food Brands LLC. Backgroun...

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23rd May 2017/ IP NEWS

Chocolate in 3D

Here is some recent legal news that we didn’t mind sinking our teeth into… It was revealed last week that Nestle failed in a bid to register 3D trade...

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14th March 2017/ IP NEWS

Swiss are patent application champions

Each year, the European Patent Office releases in-depth statistics about patent applications by country. The results of their research are published ...

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8th March 2017/ IP NEWS

Bite-sized IP

We like to keep you informed about the legal structure and remedies for intellectual property, so we were pleased to discover IP watchdog recently pu...

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8th February 2017/ IP NEWS

Streams of lawsuits

There have been further developments in intellectual property litigation in the USA as San Francisco-based OpenTV, now owned by Swiss digital company...

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