Simple. Scalable. Smart.

CFC’s global insurance platform enables brokers and clients across 90+ countries, 50 products and more than 20 different classes of insurance.

Powering our people

Our expert underwriting teams are backed by cutting-edge data science and automation to help them make smarter, faster decisions on risk selection and pricing.


Quote, bind, repeat.

Broker self-service has never been easier. Using just one piece of information – a web address – users can generate a quote within minutes, adjust limits and bind policies.

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Anticipate risk

Using advanced threat intelligence, we identify trends and spot potential risks impacting our customers, then give them the help they need to prevent claims before they happen.

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Staying ahead of the curve

With our proprietary drag & drop development capability we can update or build new insurance products in a matter of hours, adapting to new exposures and evolving our coverage alongside our clients.