Article November 2, 2016

A spooktacular Halloween

A huge Thank You to all our guests who joined us on Thursday, 27 October for an amazing Halloween bash

It was a fright fest of epic proportions in our new party venue The Steelyard, the Victorian arches underneath Cannon Street station adding a suitably spooky atmosphere to the night’s proceedings. The band put on a brilliant show and got everyone jumping, grinding, swaying and singing – in short, there were plenty of odd sights on the dance floor!

We were amazed by the brilliant, gory, clever and terrifying costumes everybody showed up in – we dare say the hours of cutting, gluing and painting (or Amazon shopping) paid off! Perhaps surprisingly, we remember many highlights of the night, with plenty of great and fun anecdotes to last us until the next Halloween. We spotted a large contingent of nuns boogying on the dance floor and a group of cereal killers roaming the cavernous arches in search for their next breakf… victim, that is. Wally seems to have gotten himself into a spot of trouble as he was spotted at several locations sporting ghastly looking wounds, and Anne Rice would’ve felt right at home as a whole family (herd, mob, flock?) of vampires settled comfortably in for the night. The most frightening apparition of the night, however, might have been a gang of velvet-clad 70’s pimps, stalking the venue in garishly coloured jackets exposing the chest down to the navel. Guys, you know who you are and we hope those costumes are now in the trash.