Article February 26, 2018

NPEs in Europe

A new report recently published by the data provider Darts-IP details the prevalence of litigation in Europe brought by ‘Non-practicing entities’ (NPEs) over a 10 year period.

The report summarises a few findings, including:

  • In the period 2007-17 there was a modest average increase of 19% in NPE involvement in patent actions and litigation in European courts
  • In the period 2010-17 Germany had the highest success rate for NPE plaintiffs
  • Information and Communication Technologies were the most litigated technologies by NPEs

While NPE lawsuits remain a minor source of patent litigation in Europe, particularly when compared to the USA, the report suggests NPE behaviours may be influenced by legal developments in the USA, as well as the characteristics of particular legal frameworks in Europe.

Read the full report here