Article April 3, 2018

K&R News April

This month, instead of a newsletter focusing on specific aspects of kidnap & ransom, we wanted to share the following articles predicting global kidnapping trends in 2018. This post was produced in collaboration with our response consultancy partner, red24. Please feel free to share these documents with your clients.

  • Kidnapping: A Diverse and Evolving Security Threat
    The various forms of kidnapping will remain a complex and multifaceted security threat worldwide in 2018. Extortion is anticipated to remain a key threat to individuals and business operations in areas where the threat is already present. Non-traditional forms of extortion, such as virtual kidnapping and cyber extortion is expected to increase in both scope and scale.
  • 2018 Global Kidnapping Hotspots
    Kidnapping was a significant security threat worldwide in 2017 and this is not predicted to change in 2018. Thanks to red24, we can identify which geographical areas are most conducive to kidnapping activity and are facing the highest kidnapping threats in 2018. There is elevated risk to foreign nationals, including leisure and business travellers, NGO and media personnel and foreign business operations.
  • 2018 Global Kidnapping Watchlist
    In addition to the kidnapping hotspots for 2018, changing national and regional economic, political and security dynamics in 2017 resulted in new and re-emergent kidnapping threats elsewhere. red24 has identified several locations as having the potential to experience increased kidnap for ransom and extortion (KRE) activity in 2018.
  • 2018 Global Kidnapping Threat Map for 2018
    KRE will remain a credible security threat in numerous areas of the world in 2018. red24 has put together a map  that delineates the overall kidnapping threat level by country.