Article August 31, 2018

We write that

We know that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from global multi-nationals to small independent shops, and the goods and services these companies provide vary just as widely.

CFC provides insurance for companies across hundreds of sectors in over 75 countries, and while many of our clients come from what we’d consider traditional industries, we’re no stranger to the unusual.

Here’s a look at just a few of the interesting, and sometimes unexpected risks we write:


Animal therapy

Who wouldn’t benefit from an animal cuddle? Animal therapists use animals – like horses, dogs, cats, pigs, and birds – to enhance and complement the benefits of traditional therapy, helping patients reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem and address a variety of medical conditions.

These practitioners provide a form of therapy, so they’re required to buy Errors and Omissions insurance along with General Liability, which we can cover in one policy. Animal therapy businesses will be covered under our Allied Health & Medical product.


Tequila yoga

Yep, you read that right, tequila and yoga. Need we say more? An unconventional take on a typical yoga class, these businesses will offer a fun tipple before, during or after a workout. We guess they call that hair of the downward dog!

The availability of alcohol changes the nature of this otherwise typical fitness club risk. Many insurers shy away from risks with liquor exposures, but offering alcohol – whether tequila, wine or beer – is becoming more common at health and wellness facilities like spas. We recognize that these risks aren’t a typical liquor exposure, and can include liquor liability when underwriting these accounts.


Equine photography

For horse lovers, capturing the connection between owner and animal through photos can be just as important as capturing their yearly family portrait. These photographers specialize in working with horses to produce one-of-kind portraits and action shots.

Photographers like these need to protect themselves from claims arising out of breach of contract and intellectual property infringement. Our Media policy is purpose-built for photographers of any breed to ensure they are protected while capturing that perfect shot!


Free throw, slapshot, and hole-in-one competitions

Whether basketball, hockey or golf, one common tactic to engage eager fans is to offer a lucky spectator the chance to win a large prize (and become a local star) by making a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

We cover the financial costs should there be a particularly talented – or just plain lucky – contestant.


Microblading & vampire facials

Innovation abounds in the beauty business. Microblading uses tiny needles in the shape of a blade to apply a semi-permanent tattoo, promising patients better looking brows. Vampire facials (PRP therapy) on the other hand, promise anti-aging benefits by injecting the patient’s own blood back into their face.

Both these and other unique beauty treatments and procedures, are often covered under our Health & Wellness product.