Article June 19, 2019

CFC has cyber sorted

In an independent review arranged by Insurance Age, CFC’s new cyber policy got a resounding five stars.

We’re proud to announce that according to an independent review published by Insurance Age magazine, our upgraded cyber policy is deserving of a five star rating. The reviewer, Paul Beck from Amicus Insurance Solutions, was picked independently by the publication.

For the SME client looking to protect themselves against cyber attacks and social engineering fraud, the CFC policy offers excellent coverage and good value. Paul Beck, Director, Amicus Insurance Solutions

Among the benefits that Mr. Beck listed are cover on an each and every claims basis rather than in aggregate, no retroactive date, a 12-month indemnity period (particularly important given that the consequences of a cyber attack are not always felt immediately), and the ability to include meaningful cybercrime limits within the package. He said all of this is particularly beneficial to SME clients.

Insurance age cyber product review