Article April 7, 2022

We write that, vol. 7

Our appetite is bigger than you might think! Usually, the risks we see day to day are exactly what you’d expect, but every so often we’ll see something a little different and can’t resist sharing it with you. Check out the some of the risks our healthcare, tech, media, life science, and P&C teams have seen.

Take it away maestro

A travelling orchestra based in the US, plays popular film soundtracks for avid film and music fans.

Our media team were able to provide the musical company with GL and E&O cover. The media policy also comes with IP infringement as standard, so the orchestra didn’t need to consider additional cover for licensing and playing someone else’s music.

Prosthetic pets

An animal-based company designs and produces prosthetics and wheelchairs for furry friends. Specialising in mobility support products when surgery isn’t an option, this company prides itself on improving canine wellbeing.

Our life science team were able to offer our medical device policy to provide cover for GL and products liability.

Water only, please

A storm drain insert has been created to capture plastics and pollutants before they get carried off down drains and into sewers. This product keeps water cleaner, meaning fewer micro plastics in the sea.

Our P&C team provided manufacturers E&O and GL for this Canadian company.

VR headsets at the ready
A virtual reality (VR) experience company creates bespoke VR software. They dispatch VR headsets to their customers around the world and provide them with learning and development, inductions, training and team building activities.

Our tech team offered tech E&O, cyber, as well as products and services liability.

You are feeling very sleepy

A medical device provides neurological feedback for sleep deprived customers. The portable device places sensors on the wearer’s head to record brainwave activity which is then analysed online by a neuroscience team.

Our healthcare team provided E&O, cyber and general liability.


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