Guide January 25, 2022

Intro to insurance for research and development

The research and development (R&D) sector is renowned for pioneering treatments and adapting technologies from other industries to benefit patients.

Breakthroughs in medical devices and pharmaceuticals all originate from the long process of R&D. Cutting-edge medical technologies and life-saving drugs all spawn from an original idea, which then requires years of testing before they can be used by medical professionals to better patients’ lives.


In the intro you will learn:

  1. What research and development is

    Life science research & development (R&D) is usually carried out by two types of organizations - biotech companies which send their product through the R&D journey, and service companies that perform functions that would either be too costly or too specialised for a biotech

  2. The importance of bespoke insurance

    Understanding the unique exposures faced by R&D organizations as they innovate new products is key to ensuring the right coverage.

  3. Key exposures

    Life science companies can operate in the grey areas between product liability and professional indemnity, while also encompassing technology E&O, IP and cyber.

  4. Claims examples

    A few claims examples involving clinical trials, contract research services and custom manufacturers.