News July 7, 2016

Broker Loyalty Launches on Connect

We’re pleased to announce that our ever-popular Broker Loyalty Auction has been upgraded and re-launched on our new broker portal, CFC Connect. As well as a slick new interface, you’ll find an increased selection of prizes and many more ways to win.

Every interaction you have with CFC provides the opportunity to earn broker loyalty points. These points can then be used in our monthly, sealed bid auctions to win an exciting array of prizes, including high tech gadgets, kitchenware, branded goods and the mysterious “surprise prize”.

Hosted at the start of every month, our sealed bid system is designed to make sure everyone has a chance to win, no matter how much or how little business you do with us. Whoever places the highest bid for any item wins the prize and the points are deducted from their balance. If you’re unsuccessful though all the points are credited back.

To make it a fair system for all and encourage you to get involved, we deduct 20% of your points at the end of every auction period. So when it comes to loyalty points our motto is: “use them or lose them”!

If you have any questions on the broker auction and our loyalty points system click here to find out more.

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