News July 17, 2019

CFC boosts tech product offering with risk management services

Specialist insurance provider and pioneer in emerging risk, CFC, is breaking new ground by adding a range of free risk management services to its insurance proposition for technology companies.

“When businesses place their technology insurance with us, they’re getting the best coverage available in the market supported by a claims service that is second to none, but we want to deliver more than just a whole lot of words on paper” says Charlie Murray, International Technology Team Leader at CFC.

“We want to help our customers prevent a claim event from occurring in the first place – particularly cyber incidents, the impacts of which can be devastating. We see it as our responsibility to provide them with a comprehensive range of risk management solutions to help better arm themselves against the risks they face and ensure they are better able to respond and recover if the worse does happen.”

CFC has teamed up with experts from around the globe to provide a wide range of best of breed risk management including:

  • Cyber risk rating report from BitSight allowing customers to benchmark themselves against peers and competitors
  • CFC RepKnight breach monitoring service which continually searches the dark web for information specific to the customer’s organisation and alerts them in real-time to possible breaches of their data
  • Cyber incident response plan builder to help customers produce a tailored incident response plan in case the worse happens
  • Cyber risk awareness training through eLearning tools with support for unlimited users and campaigns, providing customers with a great way to test their team and prepare them for the inevitability of social engineering attacks
  • Cyber awareness videos giving customers access to NINJIO’s growing library of fun and engaging cyber security awareness videos, helping them educate their teams
  • Legal contract publishing tool from LawDepot empowering customers to generate custom legal documents, contracts and forms
  • Contract best practices guidebook to help customers negotiate their way through the legal minefield of contracts in the tech industry

CFC’s technology insurance policy is designed for a wide range of technology companies and helps cover the costs associated with delays, mistakes, oversights and miscommunication, along with a host of other traditional and emerging risks that technology companies face in the day-to-day running of their businesses.

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