News June 23, 2021

Insurance Insider: CFC Syndicate bridges the gap between ILS and speciality

Insurance Insider reports on CFC's launch of a new Lloyd's syndicate, which will begin trading in July.

In writing about CFC Syndicate 1988 opening for trading on 1 July 2021, Insurance Insider editor-in-chief, Catrin Shi had this to say:

"We said before that if CFC could pull off the new vehicle with the planned third-party capital backing, it would be a win for the MGA and a win for Lloyd’s, and those arguments still stand ... There is a uniqueness to the CFC proposition which means there is not necessarily a direct read-across to other MGAs being able to launch transformer vehicles for third-party capital with success.

"It has positioned itself as a leader in cyber insurance, but has also focused on emerging risks and growth areas, such as e-healthcare and M&A insurance. It has also invested in the application of technology for underwriting, risk assessment, broker service and distribution, at times building proprietary platforms to suit its needs.

"The timing of this syndicate launch has been impeccable in the context of CFC’s stake sale, where it will seek to demonstrate once more that it is not your average MGA."

Read her full opinion piece here.