Webinar February 28, 2019

Cyber myths reloaded - battling bad press

For buyers of cyber insurance, these are confusing times. The news is peppered with stories purporting that cyber policies aren’t fit for purpose and even worse, that cyber insurance claims aren’t getting paid.

We’re here to set the record straight. This is an incredibly important line of cover for modern businesses of all types and sizes, and cyber policies are evolving rapidly to meet their needs.

This webinar will explore a range of policy coverage misconceptions we’ve encountered, and our response to them. Sign up today!

Canada | 12pm EST | Tuesday, 26 March

Please make a note of the following:

  • Australia, we haven't forgotten you! We'll post a recording here when available. 
  • For those in the UK, this webinar will be the same as the BIBA versions being run in mid-March. Again, we will post a recording as soon as we have it.