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Product recall

Product recall is a worrying prospect for any business, threatening both a financial loss and damage to a company’s brand and reputation.

Our product recall insurance policies provide comprehensive cover for a variety of industries and recall scenarios, ranging from product guarantees and contractor errors, to cyber product tamper and software product safety.

Product recall

Our product recall products

Contaminated product recall

Bespoke cover addressing contaminated food & beverage products. Includes business interruption cover, reputation protection, as well as errors by contract manufacturers and product guarantee.

Product recall

Product recall cover for consumer products to automotive parts. Covering rectification costs, loss of sales, ancillary costs, and reputation protection for a variety of recall scenarios including cyber product tamper and software product safety

Restaurant contamination

Bespoke cover addressing contamination events in restaurants

Your dedicated team

Businesses are becoming better prepared for recall events, and with insurance policies like CFC’s, clients can benefit from expert crisis consultation before, during and after events.

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