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Businesses and professionals who provide healthcare and other wellness services face unique risks associated with patient and client care.

CFC offers bespoke healthcare insurance products that provide cover for allied health professionals, eHealth and digital medicine, medical billings and other wellness and fitness organizations.


Our healthcare products

Allied health

Package policy designed specifically for allied health practitioners including diagnostic, technical, therapeutic and direct patient care services


Package policy tailored to the unique risk profile of companies operating at the intersection of healthcare and technology

Fitness clubs

Package policy providing broad cover specific to fitness instructors and clubs of all sizes

Health & wellness

Package policy designed for the combinations of risks facing medical spas, traditional spas, and other health & wellness practitioners

Medical billings

Bespoke cover for US healthcare organizations facing risks related to billing errors or claims of improper billings or fraud

Your dedicated team

Healthcare organizations face a variety of challenges, like rising costs and a demand for easier access, and now we’re seeing new technologies emerge to transform the way patient care is delivered and addressed.

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