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Article June 3, 2019

We're risk management fanatics

When businesses place their cyber insurance with us, they are getting a whole lot more than words on paper.

Like cyber insurance, risk management is a vital part of any business's cyber security strategy. That's why we’ve teamed up with specialist providers from around the globe to offer all of our cyber policyholders a wide range of best-of-breed services aimed at improving security before crisis strikes.


  • Phishing-focused training: CyberRiskAware is an eLearning tool that tackles the human vulnerabilities in your business, equipping your team to identify and prevent phishing attacks and other social engineering campaigns.
  • Cyber risk awareness videos: Ninjio offers a large library of fun and engaging cyber risk awareness videos that cover a wide variety of scenarios, from business email compromise to cryptojacking.


  • Cyber risk rating report: Bitsight will review key features of your company’s internet presence on request and provide you with a cyber security rating, allowing you to benchmark yourself against peers and competitors. This tool also gets you 14-day trial access to the BitSight Portal.
  • Breach alert: Skurio breach monitoring service continually searches the dark web for information specific to your organization and alerts you in real-time to possible breaches of your data.


  • Cyber incident response planner: CFC’s incident response team delivers a unique toolkit bringing together a wide range of templates and practical experience to help you produce a tailored incident response plan in case the worst happens. By building a robust plan you can effectively reduce the impact of a cyber event and ensure all appropriate parties are engaged at the right time and in the right way.

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