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Article July 6, 2020

IB Cyber Report: Cyber is more than just privacy

Find out what CFC Cyber Development Leader Lindsey Nelson had to say about the pandemic and other pressing cyber issues in the special report issued by Insurance Business UK

We've all read it a million times – "these are unprecedented times." But in the context of cyber risk and insurance, these words really do hold true. COVID-19 is changing the way many businesses operate, and in turn, this shift to remote working is waking them up to their cyber exposures.

However, according to CFC's Lindsey Nelson, while the current situation has put cyber exposures in the spotlight, cyber claims were already well on the rise before the pandemic hit. Over the last couple of years, more and more UK businesses are suffering significant business interruption and crime losses at the hands of cybercriminals.

What this trend is showing us is that the nearly ubiquitous use of technology to run businesses today means that all businesses in all industries have some form of cyber exposure, not just those that collect or store sensitive data. 

While privacy is still an important part of cyber policies today, it would be very misleading to say that only companies with a privacy exposure have a need for cyber. Lindsey Nelson, Cyber Development Leader

So what else can cyber insurance providers and brokers do to help their clients understand their sector's vulnerabilities? What key points should brokers stress when speaking to a client about their cyber risk for the first time? What separates a good cyber policy from a great one?

For the answers to these questions and more – and for other great insights from Nelson and others – download The Insurance Business 2020 Cyber Insurance Special Report today.