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Webinar July 2, 2019

Cyber 101 webinar roundup

Did you miss out on attending one of our popular Cyber 101 events held last year? Here's your chance to catch up on some of the content.

Last year, we ran a series of events at the CFC head office aimed at helping brokers feel more confident in explaining the benefits of cyber to clients. We covered areas like the advent of cyber risk, the economics of cybercrime, topical events, and claims and cover. 

We're happy to tell you that a couple of these sections are now available for download so you can watch these 15-30 minute presentations from the comfort of your own office chair. We plan on adding to this collection in the coming weeks so watch out for updates! 

Watch: The history of cyber

Watch: Claims and cover

Before you go, have you heard about our Cyber 102 events? If you graduated from Cyber 101 or simply want some more in-depth info on cyber, you should consider attending these monthly sessions held in our London office. Plus, you'll get to indulge in a pint or two afterwards! Sign up for our July or August session today.