Professional liability

Professional services businesses come in all shapes and sizes and the services these companies provide can vary just as widely.

CFC’s broad, packaged insurance policies take into account the wide range of exposures professional services businesses face while filling in gaps in cover left by many traditional professional indemnity policies. Our modular policies provide comprehensive cover at a competitive price, with quick, straight-forward service.

Professional liability

Our professional liability products

Architects & engineers

Package policy offering cover for the diverse exposures faced by architects and engineers operating across a range of disciplines and projects around the world

Design & construction

Our modular policy takes the wide range of exposures into account and targets those that are key for professionals working in this sector.

Employment organizations

Package policy for recruitment firms, employment and staffing agencies including placed personnel cover and vicarious liability

Oil & gas

Bespoke cover for oil & gas contractors and other specialist professions that spend less than 20% of their time on manual work

Professional services

A package policy that caters for a wide range of professionals

Your dedicated team

Our clients want comprehensive cover that goes beyond basic professional liability, and they want it at a competitive price with a responsive service. That’s our aim.

  • Antony Aylett
  • US Professions Practice Leader
  • Richard Farrow
  • US Professions Team Leader
  • Ashleigh Hyde
  • US Professions Underwriter
  • Christian Hemmant
  • US Professions Underwriter
  • Edward Cole
  • US Professions Development Manager
  • Elena Luck
  • US Professions Underwriter
  • Graeme Cooke
  • US Professions Underwriter
  • Jack Gutteridge
  • US Professions Underwriter
  • Kelby Warner
  • US Professions Underwriting Manager
  • Pawel Grubecki
  • US Professions Underwriter
  • Rachel Denham
  • US Professions Product Manager
  • Stella Gilson
  • US Professions Underwriter
  • Elena Thurgood
  • US Professions Assistant Underwriter
  • Charlie Lewis
  • US Professions Underwriting Assistant
  • Karolina Broda
  • US Professions Assistant Underwriter
  • Stephanie Simmonds
  • US Professions Underwriting Assistant
  • Georgia Hollis
  • US Professions Underwriting Assistant